Who’s got hustle?

I recently liked a tweet by a young tech startup founder I admire. It was late at night, he was still at the office, and he saluted the others burning the midnight oil as fellow hustlers.

I ate it up. That’s me, I thought. I’m such a hustler, too!

Standing in the hallway of my mostly empty building today, Saturday, I admired the fact that only my office lights were on. I snapped a pic and got ready to #HumbleBrag, Guess who’s got hustle?

Here’s why I didn’t.

The fact that I am able to be in my office late at night or on a weekend is not a reflection of whether I have hustle. It’s a reflection of the fact that I don’t have young children at home. That I have a financial safety net which allows me to pour myself 100% into this risky venture. That I have a supportive partner taking the laboring oar of house chores again, and by the way, covering me on her health insurance plan. It may even be a reflection of the fact that I am a crappy spouse.

The fact that I was in the office today is a reflection of my privilege.

So, here’s my salute to all the entrepreneurs who spent this afternoon catching up on emails while in the stands of their kid’s baseball game, or putting the finishing touches on a pitch when their toddler finally went down for a nap, or reviewing that marketing plan while on their lunch break at their weekend job, or sketching out that new design while, yes, sitting on the toilet in the bathroom where they could just enjoy a little peace and quiet.

I see you, and damn, I admire you.

Oh, look. My privilege is showing.

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  1. Love this. True words. As a mom and former business owner, I considered myself lucky because my business had toddler toys and safe playgrounds included. Made those weekends and late nights much easier.

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