10 Reasons To Resist The Clickhole

International Women’s Day was this week, and with it a social media crescendo of gratuitous shout outs to badass women everywhere.


Past the midweek peak, a drip of residual cheers speckled my feeds. But mostly, within a day, it was back to the cacophony of critiques, criticisms, and insults masquerading as advice for business women.

You’ve seen them. Perhaps, in a moment of self-doubt, you’ve clicked on them.

10 Things Women Do Wrong in the Boardroom

10 Things Highly Successful Women Leaders Should Never Do

10 Things Women Leaders Need to Stop Doing

There are the things we do wrong when asking for a raise. The stupid things we do when negotiating a deal. How many ways can we fuck up when we’re in charge? Let the internet count the ways.

The truth is, there’s probably just one thing we should stop doing: reading crappy clickbait written to undermine our confidence. Leading is hard and it takes tremendous energy. If we’re going to spend some of that energy reading, let’s choose content with substance. Inspiration. Insight. Information. Think about our ROI. The 2-3 minutes we get sucked into that clickhole will either be a loss, a wash, or a win. So, let’s invest it wisely, and not waste it on infectious drivel that will eat away at our confidence and fester in our souls.

Here’s a very small, teeny tiny, tip of the iceberg list of all the things we’re doing right, just by nature of being in the lead.

1) We are curious.

2) We are courageous.

3) We are smart.

4) We are trailblazers.

5) We are unique.

6) We show up.

7) We dream big.

8) We are making an impact.

9) We can juggle.

10) We are inspiring someone.

So, back at it. Out of the clickhole and into the light, where we’re doing a damn fine job of leading, day after day.



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2 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Resist The Clickhole”

  1. Can you see my head nodding? Hope so. What a timely reminder to recognize and move beyond the messages of fear and limitation. When I read your post I immediately felt that I had invested my time wisely.


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