She’s not the f*ck!ng nanny.

Who didn’t giggle watching the live BBC video during which a man’s toddler and infant burst into his office and into social media fame? It was adorbs.

And yet…

Hands up if you leaped to the assumption that the super-shero who came stocking-foot skidding through the door after them was the nanny.

Me. I did. I went right there. Whether the idea originated in my head or was inferred from someone’s post, I neither noticed nor challenged a notion patently grounded in race. Asian woman running after small children? She must be the nanny.

I bought immediately into a stereotype I’ve seen play out many times against my wife. And our friends. And even when we travel, where it takes on different but familiar shades.

My wife is a badass. Today she designed her first t-shirt. She shouldn’t have to wear it, but she’s going to rock it. Yes, here in progressive Seattle. And in Florida and New York and all points in between.

And if you want one, she’ll make one for you, too.

No, she is not. But she will make you a shirt if you want one. Comment and we’ll get back to you.

Proceeds will fund her recovery from being married to a Florida cracker all these years.

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