The Morning After

So that did not go as planned.

Like the majority of Americans who voted in yesterday’s historic election, this was not the outcome I wanted. I am horrified, and muddling my way through a shame-spiral typically reserved for the morning after a bender. Except, of course, there was no bender.

I have no patience today for political analysis.

Don’t come near me with your patronizing “Bernie would have won” bullshit.

Zero tolerance for sunny optimism.

Seriously, did you just try to tell me it’s time to unite?

We have just handed the trifecta of House, Senate, and White House over to racism and misogyny, to a self-interested minority who preyed on the fears of a dying white Christian patriarchy. We are about to face the violent peeling away of forty years of slow, hard-won progress on healthcare, reproductive rights, and environmental protection. We are about to march belligerently backward on education, criminal justice, civil rights, immigration, and financial industry reform.

I have no more time for feelings today. The task before us is too huge, and there is no time to waste. I have the next four years to plan.

My Resolutions:

  1. I will advocate for reform. Those next steps I wrote about yesterday? Voting reform, civic education reform, political party system reform, and reparations? I vow to become better informed and more involved, and to advocate zealously for those.
  2. I will give my time and money. I will double down on pro bono service and volunteering. I will say yes more. To taking cases. To serving on committees and boards (reliably and consistently). I will pay special attention to being of service, when invited, to organizations led by and serving women and people of color. However I can,
  3. I will support my friends and colleagues providing pro bono legal aid in the area of immigration. And I will finally bring my scattershot approach to philanthropy into laser sharp focus on justice and equality, economic opportunity, and the environment.
  4. I will do my part to end racism. I will continue, alone and together with my circle of friends, to do the hard work of looking inward to understand racism and privilege – especially when it is really, really uncomfortable – and continue to learn and use tools for building a new society that does not thrive on white supremacy.
  5. I will stop apologizing for being a feminist and start acting like one.

Oh, and one last thing. This one is all for me. For my self-care. I will train like Mishonne for the zombie apocalypse because right now, I so badly need to feel like a bona fide badass.